Hello world!

Now is the dark time. The time and place to explore all that lives within the dark. Tales of Vampires, Werewolves, Changelings, Sorcery. All for your delectation.

Art, poetry, fiction, music, video: all shall grow here like the moss over a great treasure chest  in the attic of a ruined chateau. My hope is that many authors will  come into this Faery Realm and share their extraordinary visions with other Creatures of the Night.

Dream my beauty…Dream the dark dream, the witches dream. One Hundred years in Faery is not very long.

10 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Hi Arlene – congratulations on this site. I’m sure this one will capture the imagination of a huge number of people, and will grow like wildfire once they learn about it!

    May all your dreams come true bigger, better, faster than you expect!


  2. Thanks to you all. I have been tardy getting started on this. Bogged down trying to learn tech stuff still.
    I hope you all come back and bring your ideas. This will be fun!

  3. site’s looking wonderful, Arlene: so delicious and tempting already. Excellent with all the literary contexts too, broadens and teases the imagination!

  4. What do you mean? I would love to know what you are getting out of it. I am glad you enjoy the blog. With encouagement like yours, I will keep it going.

  5. My Bloody Valentine,

    a vampire poem from raven…

    the last thing that i care to tell,

    a bitter trade

    made unto thee

    cast my soul back into fire

    underneath the willow tree,

    frozen stiff

    i made my glance

    an inward tale

    of broken lies.

    a cup of blood

    you stole my honor

    wilted, for my tapestries…

    bending from a twisted branch

    outside a world of silent screams,

    broken as we cared to chance

    we slipped right thru the cracks…

    i look back on this time and laughed

    the scar a memory i have

    for all i care

    for those who looked upon us

    when we passed…

    not long it was

    a fever pitch

    the scream that pierced my heart,

    the blood that dripped

    and ran away

    that soaked

    my ragged cloth,

    i fervored life

    a darker pain

    that split my soul in half,

    i climbed to high

    a twisted vine

    in time

    my bloody valentine…

    washed in mercy

    the grains of sand

    that fell for me

    to young a man,

    those creatures sought

    my company

    amongst the winged bat,

    a darkling child

    this world of pain

    was pleasure when

    when i fed,

    for i glistened thru the hands of time

    although we never met…

    a shallow being

    only would i sleep

    if i could be,…

    alive again and full of breath

    amongst the willow tree …

    a passing wind seduces me

    i look to cast my curse away

    so blindly did i fall

    from this and that

    i walked away,

    eventually it came to pass

    the moonlight lit

    my twisted path

    meandering back and forth

    i thrust my teeth into her neck…

    i lusted for her blood this time

    entwined, my bloody valentine…

    meandering back and forth

    i held her as she died.

    i awakened life,

    her eyes a blaze..!

    like saphires glazed..!

    her ghastly gaze..!

    i welcomed her into the night

    a child of mine, my valentine…

    i hope someone can top this, goodluck…i hope this was bloody enough ?

    Raven Dark Claw…Spiritual Wizard

    thanks for letting me share Alyne…

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