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Because you were so brave, and came to this blog despite its dark, foreboding atmosphere (a place you should have run away from the minute you sensed something wicked was afoot) I have decided to give you a little souvenir in honor your great fearlessness.


I have taken all the posts of Roses, Briars, Blood , improved them with a nice revision, took out any potentially troublesome pictures, and put the podcast links inside — they do work! and made it into a book for you! It looks really awesome and is a labor of love. Please take a little time before you go to sleep tonight, and listen to your own special bedtime story.


For you Faery Witches out there, you can’t go wrong fertilizing your dreams with tales.

When you wake up you find your day will have a touch of dark magic about it that suits our favorite time of year….



In the green light of Faery,

Arlene deWinter

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