Salome: The Seventh Queen: 4: The Prophet’s Dream

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Salome: The Seventh Queen: 4: The Prophet’s Dream

by Aline deWinter

The Prophet’s head was on the chair. It lay tilted to one side, eyes closed, dreaming. A phosphorescent light shone about him so bright, that his features were obscured by it. Salome thought this an absolute sign of his divine power, that Jokanaann must be an immortal after all. Therefore, he must be able to hear her heartfelt entreaties and protestations of love. And how could he not share her desire, and come back to life to be with her forever?

Salome danced before the dreaming Prophet, whirling the seven veils upon the air like the wings of a bright moth. He did not respond, but lay still, his head tilted to one side. She kissed him then, cradling him in her arms, dancing until, exhausted, she too fell into a deep and mournful slumber.

Dancer: Rachel Brice

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