Reflection of Beauty by Alyne de Winter at The Pandorian

Reflection of Beauty by Alyne deWinter

at The Pandorian


My short story, Reflection of Beauty is based on film maker Jean Cocteau‘s classic film

Le Belle et la Bette, or Beauty and the Beast. Predrag initially commissioned this story to be included in an art exhibition based on this film to be held in New York City opening October 31st 2011. Funding went the way of the failing economy, but the artwork and this story are still alive.

Based in London, artist, curator, and designer, Predrag Pajdic has illustrated this story with magnificent photographs and published it on his blog

The Pandorian. Her’s the link: of beauty

It’s a bit film noir, Southern Gothic, and very mysterious… Please stop over at The Pandorian and enjoy the story.



This image is not one of the illustrations for Reflection of Beauty, but is still  fitting…

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