Once I had a dreadful fright

Lost in forests of the Night….

Why do we love a good scare? Why are we drawn to the unknown, the mysterious, the dark?

Perhaps there are those who see better in shadows. Maybe there are those who find the night fires their imagination, and leads them onto strange pathways, to  find places and things that hide from daylight.  There is a possibility that some are drawn to where the veil is thin between the living and the dead.

For in out dark fantasies there is no death.  Those who have crossed over still live! They inhabit the between worlds of shadows and shape shifting. They move from one form to another. They master the material of which their bodies are made because they have moved beyond death. They are immortal!

Here, tales will be  told to chill the blood, or draw the soul beyond its comforting assurances.  Stories of dark beauty that shines like jewels in candle light, sagas of passion and danger, and meetings with impossible beings.

Gothic — That which is ancient, encrusted with symbolic detail, pointed, soaring, and dim.

Faery — The Otherworld Realm of the Spirits of Nature, Fallen Angels, or the Ancestors. Sovereign Spirits of the Land

Tales — Stories that are told beside the fire in winter.

My name is Aline deWinter. I write these things. I am a prize winning poet and have published a few short stories. I am interested in a serious career writing Dark Fantasy and Paranormal Romances, and of course Gothic Faery Tales.

I have an older blog at www.winterspells.com: Winterspells: Life on the Magical Path, Legacy of the Witchblood if you want to check out my writing.

A few of my favorite authors are:

Tanith Lee

Angela Carter

Theophile Gautier

Sheridan Lefanu

William Shakespeare

Susanna Clarke

The Elizabethans, Victorians, Edwardians, decadents…

There are lots of others, more random. As you can see I am rather old school, but that doesn’t mean I am closed minded.Europe is just more Gothic, past centuries more steeped in strange beliefs and superstitions. But, I am interested in sharing this blog with anyone who is seriously creating in this genre; anyone who can make both historical and contemporary times unsettling, atmospheric, occult, and Fay…

I hope other aspiring authors will join me on this blog. Bring stories, essays, reviews, articles, histories…poetry, films, music!

But all with a tinge of Faery darkness…

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  1. I am very interested in a drawing you have placed on your website. The image is a young woman looking directly at the viewer. She has ravens in her hair. The drawing is labeled-“Gothic-girl- birds-face-dark-poe- vampire-raven-crow- women-female- girl-1427639. I am very interested in using this image in a book I am writing. Do you know who the artist is and how I might speak to him or her about obtaining permission to use this wonderful illustration? Thank you for your efforts in this matter. Nice website by the way.

    • I get most of my images off google images. Sometimes I can find the creator, but not always. I have trouble finding the origins of any images now because of pinterest. I would say, if you need to use images for commercial purposes, like book illustration, it best to buy them to make them yourself. I suspect I found that via Deviant Art but it was all over the place at one time.
      We’re all in this boat together,

  2. Ms. deWinter,
    Love your site. I noticed a drawing on your webpage titled: gothic girl birds face dark poe vampire raven crow woman 1427639. The image of this young woman is perfect for the main character in a novel I am writing. Do you know who the artist is or where I might secure permission to use this image in my book? I appreciate any help you may be able to give. My Email is dayaltair@yahoo.com. Thank you- Day

    • I found these on google images.I’m sure you can find it–it’s pretty out there now. I don’t know who you would ask from permission. It’s in a wallpaper now os maybe it doesn’t matter.
      I’m glad you like this site. I’ve been neglecting it to write novels and don;t want to put my first drafts up any more.

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