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I welcome submissions to Gothic Faery Tales.

I accept short stories, poetry, visual art,  fashion, videos,  podcasts as long as they have  a          Gothic feel and are based on at least one of the vast selection of fairy tales that have been passed down to us from before we were born.

Themes from folklore are also included in that category, so traditional Gothic loves like vampires and werewolves are also welcome here if they have some new blood in them.

Essays, Interviews, Reviews, Press Releases

Got something interesting to say on the subject, or a book coming out? Please find space here!

Here are some Guidelines:

Stories: Please keep to 10,000 words or less. If a story is very long, it will have to serialized. Send me  a note in YOUR PAGES at the top of the blog. That way it won’t get lost in the email. Leave your email address and a little blurb about your story. I will get back to you ASAP.

I Believe in the Oral Tradition

If you want a podcast of your story, you can make it yourself, and I will publish it. If you want me to do it — we’ll talk. If you want someone else to read your podcast for you, that is between you and them. If its good, I will publish it.


If video is your forte, that’s great! I will want to watch it on Youtube, or similar, first to make sure it suits this blog.

Visual Art

As a die hard image junkie, I welcome art and photography if it is Gothic or Faery Tale based. Leave your link under YOUR PAGES found at the top of the blog and I will take a look.


From Cinderella, to Puss n’ Boots, we love fashion. Goth fashion is best, or anything Baroque and over the top! Want to show off your original designs with links back to your website?  Drop a line under YOUR PAGES at the top of the blog.

There is no pay.

Not yet anyway. This is another place to get exposure, as a result you can expose yourself everywhere else for all I care. Just a link back would be nice so we can all grow as artists in the community together.


Leave me a note in YOUR PAGES at the top of the blog.

Let’s have fun!

89 thoughts on “Submissions

  1. What have you got? I would be very interested in seeing what you have and posting shorter pieces if I like them for the blog. For novels, I can advertise them on this blog and maybe JV with you on selling them?
    Please show me a list for starters and maybe a sample of a short story to get the ball rolling.
    Thanks for the offer,

  2. Hola, mi nombre es Sabrina y estube buscando por internet, fue entonces que encontre tu blog, el cual me gusto mucho, el cual es bastante agradable para leer. Regreso la proxima semana para leerte de nuevo. Saludos Sabrina

  3. Greetings Gretchen,

    Thanks for visiting and bookmarking Nidlongdir! I am glad you enjoy my stories!
    It’s so nice to hear from people who visit my web site!

    I have also bookmarked Gothic Fairy Tales 🙂 and I was wondering if I could submit a story to your site?
    This is a short story from the Whispering Library, and you are welcome to use it on Gothic Fairy Tales, or you can go to the Whispering Library and choose a fairy tale you like 🙂

    The Seeds from Idunn’s Apples
    It so happened that the day Idunn was abducted by Loki, she accidently dropped one of her apples out side the gate of AAsgard. Loki wanted to turn her over to the Storm Giant Thiassi, who wanted to obtain possession of her, and of the magic fruit that would give the Gods eternal youth.
    A little later a mischievously fairy by the name Blue Fungi Nose picked up the apple simply because it was there, and he was hungry. He had just been thrown out of Alfhiem (now known as Alfenheim) by the God Freyr, for stealing seeds from Freyr’s sunflowers, assaulting a fairy maiden while she was taking a bath, and drinking to much blue fungi brew. He looked at the apple, and decided to cross the rainbow bridge called Bifrost, to go to Midgard for some adventures. On the top of Bifrost he could see a nice spot to eat the apple- If he turned left just after the bridge, there was a nice hill overlooking the sea, so he went there to sit down, and he took his knife to cut the apple into slices, so that he could eat it. The apple was very tasty, but he couldn’t eat all of it, and he could feel a change in his body. He started to age, and in a few hours he was so old that the moss had started to grow on him. He had no idea that it was one of Idunn’s apples he had been eating, and he didn’t know that eating her apples after crossing the Rainbow Bridge Bifrost would cause him his death.
    The seeds from the apple started germinating. Some years went by! The seeds had grown into big strong apple trees there on the hill, and one day the apple trees started to bear apples. At the time the apples was ripe and sweet an old woman went by the trees, and sat down to rest in the shadow. She picked an apple from the tree she was resting under, and cut the apple in two half. Much to her surprise she found two small fairy babies inside the apple. It had been her misfortune in life never to get any children, so she started to cry of happiness when she saw the babies. She picked all the apples from the apple trees and carefully cut them into half, to see if she could find more babies. When she was done she had 12 small fairies all wrapped in apple leaves, and put in small cradles she created from tiny twigs. She gathered the apples and carried them back home to her cottage, where she made a lovely sweet apple juice so that she could feed the fairy babies.
    The babies grew fast, and became beautiful and strong fairy knights and maidens. They build a castle in the apple tree that they named Apple Hold. The old woman died of old age and happiness, and was laid to rest under the apple tree by her mourning children. For every teardrop they fell a new flower would bloom, and an enchanted garden grew under the apple tree. Apple Hold was built on love and it is said that; inside the Rainbow Tower you will find a bowel of apple seeds. The seeds are placed there so those who are in despair can have a seed to grow their own apple tree of love. If the tree is looked after with tender love, it will bear the apples with fairy babies inside, for you to love!
    Have a magic day!
    PS I am Danish so I apologise for any miss spelling, or if I have put the words in wrong way!

      merry we meet merry we meet merry we meet
      the story of the apple faery are dimly held in my brain. amazingly there is a similar story in Japan of an elderly couple childless and they discovered a babe when they opened a peach ‘son of a peach’ was in our fourth grade reader at school in 1957

  4. Marianne,
    This is beautiful story! Let me keep it for a while. I am going to have a make series for traditional fairy tales collections on here.
    Thanks for submitting it. It is very unusual.
    I’ll check out you whispering library as well.

  5. Hello, discovered your site accidentally doing a search on the internet however I?lmost all definitely be coming back. ? How do i have confidence in God whenever just a week ago I received my tongue caught in the curler of an electrical typewriter?

  6. Oh my goodness! a tremendous article dude. Thank you Nonetheless I’m experiencing challenge with ur rss . Don’t know why Unable to subscribe to it. Is there anyone getting an identical rss downside? Anyone who knows kindly respond. Thanks

    • Sorry about the RSS. I used to have an email list but I’m going through changes. The blog is a bit dormant at the moment.
      Use the Greet Box- that should work. Thanks for the feedback.

  7. O great Majid
    there is a famous actress here in olde London towne who played the role of Queen in
    the latest Alice in Wonderland in addition to more gothic characters, a dominatrix and also she appeared in the Demon barber of Fleet street.

  8. Two submissions to you O great Majid
    which are in cyberspace limbo
    # Lucifera, is she the Lucifera in Edmund Spensers ‘The faery Queene?
    # i posted a submission on ‘kadaitcha man’ the australian spectral executioner, shall i resend?

    • Alyne
      Just on this ‘Lucifera’ name; i recently discovered a Vampira type of cartoon character in continental comics who is dedicated to fighting
      anything that is good so as i notice you have’nt used the name lately
      so be it

  9. i was going to post a synopsis on al churinga (the aboriginal creation) and mention of ‘yowie’ the australian version of ‘sasquatch’ but after researching how the Tasmanian natives were all but wiped out i am so sickened by what i’ve seen that it should be put to rest. read up on Trugannini (authorised spelling of her name. P.S i knew what happened but never thought it was that bad!

  10. in my previous submission to you O great Majid regarding the fairy illustrations some would pertain to your Gothic realm whilst others depending on the artist concerned would be more applicable on say ‘winterspells’ for example
    You be the judge
    many blessings

  11. Submission to Majid

    untitled thus far

    characters – Melanie Haartshorn my imaginary lover

    Zhahdeep (meaning sunset) Melanie’s alter ego

    Mirka (meaning glory) priestess in temple of mysteries

    Maglia – horse woman from the steepes, a more rugged version of Wonder Woman

    Mokter – an evil usurper

  12. Melanie had been missing for several days but that wasn’t unusual as she would quite often make unexpected forays away in pursuit of her design business.
    I was breakfasting when Rollo arrived carrying a package that he handed to me “Arrived with the morning mail sir, but there is no postage or return address. Shall i open it for you sir?” “Yes, do it for me Rollo.”

  13. on the opening of this unexpected parcel of cheap paper and string it contained a mysterious object without a note to explain. “What is it sir?” “Don’t know what the Dickens it is Rollo.” “Perhaps your contact at the Royal Society can identify it for us sir.” “Dammed good idea Rollo, i’ll take care of it!” “Most extraordinary occurance i’ve seen sir.” “Yes, totally bizarre.” “To say the least. By the bye sir Ms Haartshorn is still not answering.” “That is even more baffling, can’t help hypothesising a connection here, Rollo” “Interesting! Sir”

  14. Title came to me in a spurt of inspiration “Ta dah!”

    additional characters – Professor Caroline Tucker, retired archeologist
    Lehti – eldest daughter of Maglia, Noonoh – youngest daughter

  15. cotinuez sil vous plait
    Professor Caroline Tucker arrives at my apartment having drove down from the Chilterns in her electra hybrid in preference to the chauffuer driven brougham roadliner. Rollo answered the doorbell and ushered the professor (now retired but still a member of the Royal Society) thru to the den where the amulate and wrapping were still on the desk top. “Thank you for coming Proff”
    “Oh i am intrigued to say the least, what little trinket do we have here?” “A muddle eastern puzzle no less. Rollo open up the 64 dom perignon, pour one for yourself there is no need for you to be excluded from this little quandary
    “I’m driving!” said Caroline. “Au contraire Prof your’e staying over the night.

  16. “Archeology is a science and must be approached from a scientific view!” said Caroline in a matter of fact tone. “This is a real humdinger, bobby dazzler just makes science look i just don’t know i don’t know!” “Nullus in verba” interupted Caroline “Come again?” but Rollo replied offering the glasses of wine “Latin sir translates Take nobody’s word for it”

  17. The conversation was becoming more talkative induced by the wine as a second bottle was uncorked. Spread upon the dinner table an open brown paper parcel and the amulate. “Lapis lazuli!” exclaimed Caroline.”Can you put a dte on it? Proff.” “Paleolithic era, i’d guess.” “Your’e jesting of course! Proff.” “These little granules were mined in the Parmirs a mountain range in Asia and used for channeling, healing etcetera. I detect love in heart, comprehension in mind, wisdom in soul.” “Notable femminine traits!” “Don’t be so flippant, agate sought for protection this lot sourced in Malasi.” “Is that in Essex? Madam!” “Rollo, isn’t that soufle of yours ready?” “Coming Madam.” There is also carmelite and jade with an inscription you’d need a microscope to read.” “Let me see that Proff” “I just don’t like it at all, get rid of it!” she said “It’s possesed with a demonic curse!” “OR RATHER A LIFE or DEATH PLAY THING!”

    • i want to mkae my Melanie Haartshorn character into a full blown anthology starting from just after ‘her’ schooldays SHE is definately not a sex object as with Modesty Blaise nor a new wave feminist as with Ellen Ripley but rather a Woman being a Woman who has a true friend in Professor Caroline Tucker though this is not a lesbian relationship As for Rollo he is more of a handyman than a servant and is indispensible when it comes to reliability

          • Yes i got it wrong Birth of an empire was deep in my sub conscius (yes i have one) as a 1949 comic strip Goddess of the flame however Melanie remains as the adveturous free spirit in the parallel universe. i write under the pen name Limpet

      • Melanie does not use weapons such as crossbows, javelins or swords as Merkah taught psychic self defense
        with a glance Melanie can ‘zap’ a fully grown man or beast with enough fear to reduce him to a quivering coward as demonstrated when barbarians landed on Infra Lyonnaise she met them on the beach to tell them there was nothing here to take
        as an example she threw one of them to the ground and stepped on his windpipe till all departed

  18. Disambiguation of the term ‘Gothic’
    i lived for two years in Gothic street Heidelberg Heights and so….
    Gothic architecture
    Gothic script
    Gothic art
    Gothic tribe (in Crimea)
    Royal house of Gotha
    Gotha bomber (1918)
    we could get an extensive coverage of this errie facet
    ian r

  19. Up here in the Chilterns (hills in south Buckinghamshire) many two storey dwellings have sharp angled roofs (for heavy snow falls) and darkened tiles, doors window frames etc giving a rather Gothic appearance in addition to 14th century barns crudly built bringing to mind the Vikings

    Born on the island of Infra Lyonaiise (a Druidic cultural centre)
    to Helga and Alex both practising and knowledgable in the ‘Craft’

    • Melanie grew up learning to swim in the tricky tides and swells of the Golden sea from whence Her middle name derived Oriana meaning golden in the olde language Melanie’s mother Helga was responsible for keeping a beacon fire permanently lit on the island to warn seafarers of the jagged reefs and treacherous currents Helga also had a master’s certificate in boat handling and rescued many shipwrecked souls Alex foraged for moorlands food was expert at recognising essential herbs to place on the family table
      Growing up Melanie could run faster than any boy and climb trees When asked why She was so agile Melanie’s reply “The tree protects me!”

  21. Chapter one ‘Growing pains’

    a child conceived under a full moon in a stone hut beside a tempestuos ocean waves breaking on the jagged cliff face to a raging crescendo sounding as though the unmistakable shriek of the ‘banshee’
    born also under the full moon a difficult birth but the Wise Woman Merkah who had delivered many babies before assisted diligently through the whole
    very much sombre ritual “This girl clearly has a destiny to fufill!”

  22. This tower shaped building was added to by shipwrecked seafarers who collected driftwood to construct roofing rafters covered by a layer of peat which formed a reasonable shelter for them but also needed constant and tiresome repairs
    In nearby midden mounds of treasure house of artifacts and utensils were dug out to make their hardy existance tolerable An ample stock of fire wood was also available to light a beacon fire for the eventual arrival of rescuers

    • Melanie grew to a great age
      age as in growing old gracefully with Her
      companion and their pets
      a memorial stands on the cliff top of the
      isle of Infra Lyonnaisse to commemerate

  23. after a recess of several moons i have decided to recall
    all of the Melanie Haartshorn character and company in
    to a more realistic Gothique saga
    i write under the ‘nom de plume ‘ of Limpet which typifies
    my humble status in the Realm

  24. with Goode Queene Alyne’s permission
    the characters in my submission ‘birth of an empire’
    which feel flat through circumstances beyond me;
    ought to be revived into a ‘where are they now?’ type
    of format. They are based on real people who may
    not be flattered so i shall incorporate them into the
    Gothic Fae genre

  25. Rebirth of an empire by limpet (who is not a writer)
    a world cataclism occured not seen since since the destruction
    of Atlantis due to massive solar storms the planet inverted
    causing the north pole to become the south pole and viceversa
    the principality of Bi-Laz was cut off from the outside world but
    they had due to the remoteness of the upper Indus valley

  26. i have just counted my spelling errors on the Gothique sites and they tally up to 135 so that is 135 de merit marks to the scoundrel Limpet
    Goode Queene Alyne would not be impressed


  27. The Cauldren of Souls
    a submissision to Goode Queene Alyne
    by Her faithful minion limpet

    main character: Belle-Marie Starlight
    (not her real name)
    expertise: esoteric psychology
    education: Oxford University England
    military service: Royal Veterinary Corpes
    active service: Malaya
    employment: Head of Acme corporation
    Singapore and Hong Kong
    (freelance since making her first million)
    charitable causes: children and animals

    what is about to unfold is so bizarre!

  28. Miriam ilse Asher was born in the village of Pluckley reputedly
    Britains most haunted parish. As a girl growing up in the Kentish landscape she often visited nearby Leeds castle giving her a taste for the past.
    Miriam as a child was not a phoney nor a frump and was certainly not spoiled.
    Miriam was admited to Oxford university’s medical and dental faculty to study
    as an orthodonist. What happened to her mid course is that she fell in with the Bohemian subculture on campus with a liking for jazz,pagan love songs and
    poetry recitals at their favourite venue ‘Big Daddies’ She adored Audrey Hepburn and outlayed her allowance on black garments (purple was permissable) and Victorian age corsets. Now Miriam was about to have her first supernatural experience.

  29. Bold Jack Stamp was a cavalier on the royalist side and rather than surrender
    took up the profession of a highwayman ‘stand and deliver your money or your
    life’ became Jack’s motto although he did engage in this activity honourably he was apprehended eventually on the London to Oxford road and as there was a judge on hand after a mock trial the accused was summarily hanged from the gibbet on a village green as a warniing to others of his persuasion.
    The slip knot was was under the ear by a sadistic executioner to cause greater pain when the neck snapped

    Miriam and her friends after a drinking binge on absinthe witnesses his apparition mounted on a ghostly steed cantering across the heath under the glow of a full moon

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  31. Although they include the obvious fairy tale elements of vengeance for the wronged, true love, and of course, the underlying lesson always reminiscent of Aesop, they are gory, dark and just plain scary at times.

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