Dhariya – Prelude to a Dark Legacy: A Mystery Solved


 A Mystery Solved


I have loved the image above for many years and used it on my blogs, never having found the name of the person who created it. The web being what it is, the creator finally found me and got in contact. It led me to discover her book, and her book trailer that uses so much of the same imagery as mine in The Roses of the Moon I: Mara, that its like finding an artistic kinswoman.

I haven’t read the book yet, but I have ordered it. Meanwhile enjoy the trailer.

And thanks Lady Karelle for coming out of the shadows.


Dhariya – Prelude to a Dark Legacy

by Karelleyn Brae Wade

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The Roses of the Moon I – Mara

Gothic atmosphere so thick you can cut it with a glass dagger….

Follow young Mara through her Dark Night of the Soul, a Night that began the day she was born into the sentient evil of Castle Szeppasszony, named for its “beautiful lady”, the Countess Orzsebet.

Enter the remote castle nestled in a green crater on the Mountain of the Moon in war-torn 17th century Royal Hungary. Threatened by Ottoman armies without and sorcery within, Mara refuses to be seduced by evil’s dark splendor.

Mara moves through lush, mysterious, highly imaginative settings, spinning the tale of her strange, dark life among the magnificent chambers, labyrinthine corridors, and secret gardens of Castle Seppasszony, while she tries to uncover the bloodcurdling secrets of the Countess Orzsebet. Surprising twists and turns lead Mara and the reader unawares toward the horrific core of the mystery.