Dans Macabre Magazine: The Red Masque by Alyne de Winter

The Red Masque

by Alyne de Winter

The chateau stands empty. Moss covers its stones; ivy reclaims it. Without the attention of its Lord, the land begins to fail. The meager grape harvest is testament to barrenness.
Autumn blazed up like a flame, and then died.
Odile appears in a flash of sunlight, cloaked in scarlet. She watches the horizon. He must come. He must come. She circles the fields. The train of her cloak flows behind her like a stream of blood. At dawn she walks, and at twilight…


To read the complete story press this link:  Danse Macabre Magazine and enter Deleria. Scroll down to The Red Masque and immerse yourself in a tale of true terror.

As you may have noticed I have not blogged for a while. This is because I write fiction and poetry and was publishing my first drafts on this blog. When I began to want to submit work to other magazines with an eye to furthering my writing career, there was a snag. Editors would want first rights and well they should. If my work, even in first draft form was published on the blog, would that count as proper publication? Make my work unacceptable to publishers? After studying this not uncommon dilemma—-I was not alone in this—-I decided it was best to save my fiction for other venues. I enjoy publishing old stories from the public domain so those will continue. I may have to get used to writing posts about the writing process which I currently hate doing. One must have platform in this technocracy today.

I wrote several short stories while I was away and submitted them over the summer. Today I am happy to say that I have had my first one accepted by the fabulous Danse Macabre Magazine. Here’s the link:

Danse Macabre Magazine: Deleria

Please go there right now! Not only will you enjoy the story I wrote, The Red Masque – based on Edgar Allen Poe’s Mask of the Red Death and very grimly set during the French Revolution —  You will love the many other stories and poems, the musical notations, the images that Mr Adam Henry Carriere uses to give his magazine a true feel of magic and Old Europe.

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