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230 thoughts on “Your Page

  1. I’m a spiritual being trapped inside a physical body…

    Enticed by the Faery realm (maybe my Irish ancestry???), I’m just here to find information…and hopefully share my passions with likeminded individuals…

    thanks for having this place..

    oh yeah, how can I get a copy of Roses, Briars, and Blood? I’m already signed up :/

  2. Hi Bramdy!
    I am glad you enjoy the blog!
    Since you are already a member go to the top of the blog and click on Faery treasure.
    The password is: Perrault.
    The click the lower case title of the story and you should get the PDF.
    I would love to know what you think.

    • regarding spiritual beings
      all life is precious with all
      living things having purpose
      Have you ever wondered
      when you see so many
      ‘lost souls’ and it is our duty
      to assist them but they spurn

      in the light

  3. Well as the book’s not out yet I can’t really give you much in the way of detail, however i could email you the script (I’d love it if you’d review it or just mention it when it does come out, as it’s probably going to be independently published, meaning I’m going to need all the promotional help I can get hehe) My email is

    • automatic writing is the spiritual
      realm communicating with us
      (i think!) recentlly i have been
      perturbed by an era of life’s
      journey where i was invollved
      with a Lady of my own mother’s
      age the relalationship was non
      sexual but i was under Her
      control and rebelled and i now
      deeply regret my wicked actions


  4. I love to write poetry and stories specially about things young women my age would not read. I’m an old soul on a teenage body or it feels that way. while my classmates were outside on the playground i was in the library reading or searching for books that would keep my interest and most of the time the books that i did find that kept my interest i was the first to check them out and a lot of them were old.

  5. I can really relate to you Victoria! Having an inner life is so important and books relate to that.
    I like the old stories too. Some new ones are really good. I love Tanith Lee’s short things and am about to write to her for permission to print a few on here.

  6. That sounds wonderful i would love to read some of them! I am so happy i have found a person who actually understands what i mean it when i say i have an old soul, is a great relief.

    • in my adolescence we didn’t
      have the word teenager and i was a street
      urchin and i now realise a gimmick was
      created by the corporate realm to sell
      rock n roll but how i wish the goth crowd
      were around then!

  7. Hi Marianne,
    I have been to your blog many times and have seen your wonderful world.
    You put so much into it, and such beautiful art as well.
    We are friends on Facebook too.
    Thanks for stopping by this spooky old place.

  8. I am a visitor who wandered on to your site. I enjoyed reading your Salome story and look forward to reading more of your work. I will bookmark your page so that I may return. Thank you for a most enjoyable evening.

  9. I’m glad you enjoy it Gretchen. I have a novel that should be out in the spring based on Rapunzel called The Golden Stairs. Its about the witch and her magic gardens and a lot more. I will keep evertone posted about it.

  10. My name is JS Chancellor. I’m a writer and a hopeless dark soul. I love all things grim and fantastic. I am spiritual and cranky and sarcastic–but I love without condition to those who gain my trust. I welcome you to visit my blog; come, chat, stay a while.

  11. I have so much to share which I willingly do through writing… I believe we all have a message. I also believe it’s in sharing that we get that message across!

    I came across your website and I know instinctively its one I will enjoy exploring.

    Kindest regards
    AngelJane ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. I’m glad to hear it! If you have something that you think would suit this blog, send it my way. Fiction, reviews, or essays on the genre are always welcome.

  13. Hi Alyne,
    Just to let you know my book ‘Esoteric Views on Health” is now available in!! However, they didn’t put up an image and I’m sad.

  14. So…I came upon your site while searching for gothic scribblings. I think I fell in love with your voice. and am entranced by the feelings engendered in The White Wolf.

    Do you mind if I link you from my blog?

  15. I greet you from the universe
    as incarnality is of no importance
    I am you are Alyne is
    and the space between is no matter
    for we are all part of the same fundamental something (sacred teaching)

  16. get this!
    a person or persons unknown recently placed a set of 7 novels in my storeroom
    titled ‘house of night’ series by p.c. &
    kristin cast. Too much diologue for me but i get the feeling it’ about VAMPYRES
    ian r

  17. i have been testing telepathy on people around me and discovered Hindi women to be very receptive. As i discovered recently one particular Lady sent out some very positive signals when we stopped to chat. It was pure loving kindness and i reciprocated, passers by were wondering what was going on. I don’t know much about Hindu spiritism, it is thought all Hindi Women have the essence of Kali Ma the darkside Goddess.

    • YES. i found an olde paper backed novel on Hindu mythology, took it ‘indoors’ and afer reading the intro, realised that they had/have a vast understanding of cosmology untill you read that their concept of our world is flat, supported by 3 elephants on the back a turtle swimming through the universe
      in lux

  18. wishing to uncover my humble beginnings in wicca (Alex Sanders) as a naive neophite under Ishbel which was convened in her town house gallery. Recently. i was surorised to learn of another town house gallery in the capital of Egypt and a different Ishbel involved. The Ishel i knew had a house full of Eyptian stuff and she dressed like Cleopatra for ritual. She also wrote a book called ‘Other temples, Other gods’ but no trace of it survives.
    Ian r

  19. could not stop thinking about Ishbel since my last input. Ishbel had powerful magick. she delighted in doing battle on the astral plane, her mind was running at full bore, a poetess she had many cats
    Ishbel taught me Karma is the key. A pity her husband was so sinister but Ishbel was superior to him. Ive seen their doppfelgangers recently and they made an impact

    • i didn’t make many visits to the town house gallery but the things that struck me in a profound way was her regal posture as she sat on an oak wood type of throne. the wafting of a pleasant insence permeated the chamber and Ishbel created a most powerful presence almost intimidating. As for her paramour he was at the local Olympic size pool when i went swimming and he exuded this aura, in the changing room ater the swim i felt self conscious duo to his muscular frame, i think he was trying to scare me off.

  20. i read Alex Sanders bio even before i heard of Maxine (read hers too) but then i went on to Dion Fortune and have stayed in her house in Somerset more time than i can remember. You see no one ever wanted me in their group so i fomed my own.
    ian r

  21. Samual Johnson said “when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.” well i am tired of London, i want to get out, lasted 15 years in this place and nothing much to show for it. so what is good about the place? forget about the dystopia of Greater London area and football! personally i regard the iconic institutions as the last of the fast disappearing good things in London.

  22. one thing intriguing myself when it comes to the city, that is the square mile itself which is an autonomous precinct is certain places where a notice on the wall tells a little story about what occurred there in the dim distant past – fascinating stuff also charts showing the city’s development over the different era. ever since civilization based itself in cities there has always been a cabal of schemers intent on running the place. A great prime minister stated in parliament that the world is not run by who we think it is. I have gotten close to who is running London and it is not Boris (or even the Queen)lets call them the backroom boys. in my next installment i shall reveal about a subteranean city beneath the city.

    • stop the presses!

      London underground engineers have unearthed skeletal remains of quite a few plague victims thought to be of the black death circa 1348 this is a frequent occurance for tunnelers and workings are suspended whilst the findings are examined by experts

  23. Whilst winterspells is undergoing review here is the report on Ma MEERA’S visit to London (not really in the gothic genre)
    the hall was a sporting pavilion near Harrow with estimated 300 persons in attendance when MA MEERA who calls herself the Mother entered the podium she
    glided with such grace & dignity that she certainly has charisma it was about an hour in silence before i was directed to her for the laying on of hands wich took about 10secs and a fleeting glance at her face before dismissing me with eye contact.Result? Who knows!
    wonder if she ‘gets off’ on 1500 devotees kneeling in front of her.

  24. As a not so keen gardener you don’t have to dig far for evidence of former inhabitants the bunhill fields were bombed out during the blitz. London is ideal tunneling geology due to a soggy clay bedding the deepest wells are still under the bank of england fortress. a maze of tunnels exist just north of bishopsgate with entry gained via basement of the Shoreditch town hall. one can only speculate their purpose, some have been sealed up whilst others continue. the first excavations apart from Roman amphitheatres were likely to have been the crypt of some 300 churches to be used for burials and when they run out of space the remains were taken to bunhill (bone hill)fields and dumped there however remains of prominent personages wre laid in St Pauls crypt in the 18th century those idle dukes and earls engaged in ‘hi jinx’in underground caverns within the city as a sort of eccentricism hired prostitutes entered disguised as nuns giving rise to rumours of a black mass
    being conducted in the industrial revolution foot tunnels were made under the river.

  25. Although not geographicly located with in the City there is a tunnel at Buckingham Palace which was meant to be used as an escape route during threats of invasion. bak in the City the bank of england has a chamber open to the public for viewing historical items pertaining to that industry but what the public don’t see is the immense vaults storing gold buillion much of which was dug in Ausralia during the 1851 gold rushes and transported around the world to be put bck in the ground. if you saw the film Goldfinger the actual interior of fort knox was in fact these vaults which to this day is guarded by regular soldiers a tradition instituted by the duke of wellinton. Across the road is mansion house home of the lord mayor during his one year tenure, beneath is a prison cell where Emmaline Pankhurst was detained under public order act whilst all suffragettes were kept at holloway. perhaps she knew too much!moving on to the guildhall with it’s basement trappings of gentlemen’s fraternal lodges and even the legend of Gog & Magog having some significance here. just north of moorgate is armoury house the home of the oldest and most unusual regiment on the order of battle the basement contains artifacts dating back to 1657 and is open to the public free admission due to occaissional landings of chinook helicopters on bunhill fields it is feasible that underground command post and/or mortuary could be set up if required The old bailey principal court of law has a ramp going below street level(no big deal) but the prisoner conveyance cannot reverse up so it spins around on a turntable. finallty the private undergroung railway of royal mail now disused also Telecoms phone exchange need mentioning as worthy but with the authorities announcing need for a super sewer to replace the old ones NOBODY wants it constructed in their vicinity hah hah!

  26. Seven Beliefs For Manifesting Real Magick
    1. There is an invisible but knowable
    ‘life force’ within you.
    2.Thoughts are something you control and originate within.
    Bless ianr

  27. 3.There are no limits other than thoser you place on yourself.
    4.Your life has purpose.
    5.You overcome weakness by leaving them behind.
    6.When you examine what you believe to be impossible,you can then change your life.
    Bless ianr

  28. Where has everybody gone?
    Will the winterspells be re instated or in another form?
    There has been some startling revelations made about mind control cults, rather close to the truth too.

  29. it would be fair to say that we are in big trouble now what with the natural and man made disasters as well as the financial crisis in western countries and i think back as today an anniversary of the Titanic sinking those souls who perished in the freezing water as the ship’ band played ‘closer th thee o lord’
    ian r

  30. Has any one seen the coloured illustration by Austen Osman Spare of Isis unveiled? This 1920s portrait shows astonishingly the face no man is permitted to see, it is the eyes that are very beguiling and hypnotic. Also this brings to mind ISHBEL a wiccan high priestess who founded the metephysical/theosophical elements within the craft.She both frightened me and humiliated me in the steps of progession.

  31. WARNING! An internet confidence trick.
    Last year i requeste an on line horoscope reading and got a reasonable reply, then for a small sum of money i was going to hit the ‘big time’ relly make it in life. not responding this Tara medium (Illinois)kept telling me how interested she was in me and disappointed i never sent the money so i tried to connect with her on facebook but has an exclusive friendship base only
    cosequently there is a complaints notice board on TaraMedium allegedly relieving
    lonely people of their money.
    Very unfortunate this is happening.
    Karma is the key.
    Don’t get ripped off!

  32. i don’t know what to make of all this hype in our media now. as i journey into work (eek) and see the apathy on passengers faces, no one gives a hoot. one lass did not even knoe that Japan experienced an earthquake/tsunami/reactor meltdown. how thick is that? having spent a long time reseach the JFK assasination conspiracy my brain is so overloaded i just don’t know what to think anymore. people are sheeple

  33. The esoteric groups here in London are in the main, quite recent ‘offshoots’of
    previous societies due to power struggles within. For me i go back to the philosophers of ancient times for inspiration. more to follow

  34. Now supposing all of this started way back in time as nomads decided to congregate in cities for protection and eventually commerce, laws, wars against rivals etc. Then came influencial individuals either the strongest or wisest (lets call them the ‘back room’ boys) who could hoodwink the populace for profit. But let us just go back a lot further. Does any one believe Atlantis existed?
    ian r

  35. Yes I do believe that Atlantis existed and before it went down, the knowledgeable ones left the continent and spread to places like Egypt and Asia. What are your views?

    • I had this dream: I’m listening to your fascinating talk “Where History Ends” and hear you saying things that I must support though in a subjective fashion. I was born clairvoyant and telepathic. Over the years that I was struggling to recognize these things, I have had visions and dreams of a vivid and emotional nature.
      In the dream I am in a boat lying on a bed with my eyes closed. I hear a make voice ask me what I see – are we anywhere near land? I know we are on the Atlantic Ocean heading towards Ireland, but I feel angry inside, tired of being asked over and over again. I open my eyes and see a group of bearded old men crowded around me. I feel nothing but hatred for them I think because I feel I have been used as a slave. I get up from the bed and fight them off which is easy and see myself walking down the deck of the ship – I see myself from behind. I am maybe 13 years old, in a blue medieval style dress with a long golden plait down my back. The sea is very rough. I walk down the deck and throw myself into the sea – just to be rid of those old men, I sense I might have washed up one shore, but not f I was alive or dead.
      What do you think of that?

  36. Alantis can be researched in ancient accounts,legends and in more recent times novels,films a song and incorrectly forcast as raising above water again in 1992. didn’t happen so – the one common thread is that they were apparently highly intelligent beings.
    Mention of human sacrifice, now that goes against our law ‘harm no one’. wonder how Kali ma and Isis accepted this

  37. Want to know the spookiest street in London towne. It’s got to be Steeles Road
    Haverstock Hill N3. i walked up there in broad daylight to find the house where the late Dion Fortune had the society of inner light and it is so ‘gothic’the whole street i mean.One walled residence has a sign on the gate post in small print ‘memento mori’ (remember thine end)
    the front room had the most garish yellow
    chandeliere hanging. oh boy! these people have got money
    Bless ian r

  38. Something to do with Atlantis,maybe.
    You are Morgana Le Fay, central character
    in Dion Fortune’s The Sea Priestess. The
    bearded old men are Phonecian traders bent on exploitatation (they did invent the modern alphabet) Ireland or more correctly Eirie is a very spiritual land.
    With your powers you have no need for anger.The soul does not hate or fear or even have sex.If you drown you will be cared for by the inhabitants of Lyonnaise and be re incarnated as a stronger persona with recall of your past
    ian r

  39. The summer solstice rallied a gathering from far and wide, however the bleak drizzle seemed more applicable to the winter solstice and the moon could not be
    seen in Avalon this time. Some of us expericed intermitant disruption in our channeling which was explained by a certain ‘one who knows’ that preparations for the nearby pop festival included the intallation of 5 communication masts by the electonic media causing interferance. One hundred twenty five thousand paying spectators are on the way to a week long mud bath.
    Bless ian r

  40. for all you romantacists who enjoyed imaginary places try to identify the modern equivelent of these fabled lands?

    Al churinga
    Big rock candy mountains
    El dorado
    Happy hunting ground
    Tsam ba la
    satyrical replies welcome and not forgetting the girls there is

    Virgin island
    bless ian r

  41. If anybody is interested (yawn)the final Harry Potter premiers this evening in Leicester square. As usual rain has been forcast but unlikely to dampen spirits.
    ian r

  42. Place all your cares and woes fairly and squarely into the vibrations of the Divine principle. The unlucky experiences and years of loneliness give up unto the Divine and live a happy existance.

  43. Do you know there has been a battle raging since creation between two entities that we are powerless to stop.
    Seek divine knowledge and realise the natural laws of our existance.

  44. BBCs breakfast program had a segment on why children don’t read fairy stories any more, it seems they prefer the assembly line pap mass media churn out these days. more’s the pity.

  45. Aline, you list pagan & catholic ‘rolled in one’ on profile. it’s very important to cling to your roots! have you experienced a Marian apparition? myself, being free presbyterian i wish to meet the L;ady when the time comes however i refer to her as Myriam ‘chosen mother’el kadosh of the house of Judah. miriam is the Hebrew for ‘bitter’.hope you don’t think i’m crazy!


    • I would be the last to think you’re crazy! LOL! I always say Catholicism brought me to paganism, though I am also very Christian. they are not incompatable.

  46. Yeah, i once stayed overnight in an ‘ashram’ and each bed space had a portrait on some Hindu sage or swami but over mine was Mary, she looked more Nordic than Jewish and it got me wondering about

  47. was taught that St Augustine who introduced Christianity to Britain was an admirere of the classical myths for their allegory content. may need to reference this in some way.

  48. i enjoy to write and read. I love faeries and vampires (not twilight though) i am curently writing a story of a goth girl who everyone misunderstands and think is evil until the most popular girl in the school switches places with the goth girl in a dream. And she realizes that even if she acts diffrent or wears different clothing she is still a person just like her.

  49. The arcane order of divine mystics has gone into disbandment due to the many clusters of beliefs about however i retain the same acronym as a web suite as it stands for ANONYMOUS ONENESS DISCIPLINES MASTERY.

  50. Majid
    due to demise of free access to winterspells i managed to put relevant Arcane mystery school quote on the three Dion Fortune F.B sites. you appear on the one ‘servants of the light’ another is startemle connected with the Atlantis bookshp here in olde London towne and the third F.B page in for anf fan of the great Deva herself.
    many blessings from your familiar spirit

  51. comment ; spirits of the dead from Edgar Alan Poe’s tales of mystery and immaginatiion. by virtue of having lived in the Stoke Newington part of London over a decade i can claim to be a ‘Stokey’ (not a derogatory insult) other stokies include Daniel Defoe, Edith Girraud, Danny Williams who had a 1961 hit single ‘moon river’ but he was not related to Andy Williams, Barbara Windsor, Mark Bolan and EDGAR ALAN POE it’s true!

        • Yes Mary Wollstonecroft was ahead of her time in the advancement of Women in society Today She is being honoured at Newington green in north London where She resided two centuries ago

      • CORRECTION; Garrud
        Edith Garrud was one of the Suffragettes
        which is now being commerated as the
        centennial of the Woman’s right to vote
        To dare to be free they organised rallies
        chained themselves to railings and even
        went on hunger strike
        Edith Garrud trained the highly secretive
        The Bodyguard comprising of some 30
        women to protect the Suffragettes and
        their children

  52. as scripture was translated from original into other language over hundreds of years by men i think it’s time to treat the women who have been denigrated as evil in a different light (pun intended) EVE we are told was the first woman created by the ‘supra divine’ though there must have been others in the world for her children to mate with. derivations of her name do appear to correlate in other cultures EVE is derivation of ‘source of life’ > ‘root’. made from ‘rib’ could be mistranslated as ‘side’ as in companion. But the greatest injustice to our first mother is her portrayal in art as mirroring the serpent itself Remember, expulsion from the garden of Eden was the fall of man not woman.

  53. i wanted to with continue the much maligned women who have been labelled as evil in the past but it would be futile of me to continue as history is writtern by the winning side. We are now at the stage where the sides are – the tyrants & the anarchists

  54. a slant on a modern day wytche who instead of turning men into swines this one has lone males ‘snatched’ from their normalcy by ‘Amazons’ who convey their victims to chateau de morville to be turned into hybrid replicants by coating them in liquified rubber, alive but permanently numb. Oh, this is nuts!

  55. There is a public house in olde London towne called the ‘Hanged, drawn and quartered’ sited on the corner of great tower and lower Thames (or environs). Takes it’s name from the revolting executions that occured opposite over some two and a half centuries with victims numbering in their thousands some for crimes that now wouldn’t even rate a court appearance these days. A concession if you had court influence was a private execution whilst us ‘plebiscites’ endured the public spectacle usually after being tortured senseless. We don’t have much to be proud of.

  56. another batch of prose is in the pipeline for A great woman and birth of an empire. Just wondering if it should be on gothic faery or winterspells.
    many blessings
    ian r

    • been dicussing the concept of God ‘higher authority’ of divine principle at recent meetings Unfortunately man has been playing god with the halogen collider HAARP experimentation & the fracing (hope it’s not a ruide word) of rock strata
      The poor planet! SHE’ll recover

  57. Melanie Haartshorn is my alter ego had i been born ‘female’ and an adventurer
    years ago i dreamed i was sucked into a vortex and was changed into a beautiful maiden taken by a manifestation of a mysterious spirit guide across the wind swept plains along the fabled silk route to Cathay over the snow capped Hindu kush and finally a remote valley of Bi Laz know only to a few traders. Melanie could now speak a different language and was made welcome by Merkah the spiritual guide

    • i am able to access these domains whilst using library PCs and now avoid ‘like the plague’ those tatty internet outlets but unfortunately there is a (very reputable) provider whose modem won’t authorise my replies
      no conspiracy theories please

    • Available on Kindle Books at Do you have a Kindle reader?
      Or go to Smashwords and you can find them dowloadable as PDFs!
      I would love to know what you think.
      Writing is keeping me very busy. ๐Ÿ™‚

  58. Alyne
    O great Majid
    i went to a classy bookshop in the city to
    enquire about your books altough they havn’t got them in yet they were quite impressed that is showed interest

  59. in the ‘Temporal’ realm a man has defaced a painting of the Queen which happens to be the most recent one depicting Her Majesty alone in circumspect reflection of Her 60th year of rule
    the traitor has been locked up in gaol but just a few centuries age his head would have been lopped off as public spectacle
    what is the fate of traitors here in the Gothic fae?
    long live goode Queene Alyne

    • the culprit was charged with criminal damage and sentenced to six months imprisonment for defacing a portrait of the Queen of England

    • We the denizens of the Gothic realm recognize
      Goode Queene Alyne as our rightfull leader and pledge our
      allegiance to Her


  60. it’s a happy St David’s day
    who might you ask?
    he is the patron saint of Wales
    being part Welsh myself
    but i don’t think he slew dragons

  61. Having looked for Scotland in prophesy i happened
    to come across one Thomas the Rymmer of Ercildoune around
    the 11th or 12th century who was a bard as in William Shakespeare
    and a seer as in Mother Shipton
    Thomas was famous for a lenghty poem on the Faerie Queene of

  62. one of the most gruesome exhbits
    i personally viewed was the remains
    of a young male adult sacrificed in
    a peat bog for reasons unknown to
    us in this day and age
    the peat had acted as a medium
    preserving the body intact and since
    then up to a dozen sacrificial victims
    along with ornaments giving an
    insight into prehistoric life

    with implied permission of
    Goode Queene Alyne

    • human sacrifice was abolished during the roman occupation
      of Britain in the first century and replaced with combats to the death for public entertainment
      i am sitting on top of a former gladiatorial arena as i type

      the limpet

  63. There is a belief amongst folke that in Summerlands (present day Somerset) in the vale of Avalon (the levels) Glastonbury or as it was known then Wynwittrick was the capital of the commonwealth of the elves.

  64. may it please the Goode Queene Alyne

    a text seen today on an arcane web site
    ‘ the true nature of the universe is created by the principle of
    light and dark ‘

    i have the honour to be Your obedient servant
    the limpet

  65. an interesting assumption here in the Gothic Fae
    that as all kindred spirits are loyal subjects of
    Goode Queene Alyne and in Her realm we adhere
    to certain standards for example uniformity in our
    costumes based on a gender balance or a
    genderlessness with only our Queene entitled to
    a more ostentatious style to reflect Her status

    with implied permission
    the limpet

  66. the Gothic fae is not pure escapism from the mundane world
    but a way of life connected with like-minded friends of the fae
    what does however need to be settled is how the the medieval
    Victorian and current Goth fictions and romances can merge
    compatably into the same realm for a satisfying dark journey
    gone are the giant killers and the Damsels in distress but still
    remain are the dense forests and vast expanses of moorland
    haunted castles (or chateaux) secret tunnels and midnight
    you must come to terms with fear and treat fear as your friend
    with implied permission of Her Sublime Majesty Alyne Our Queen

    the limpet

  67. FINALE
    Evil signed. “Another game?” he asked hopefully
    Good nodded amicably. While Evil was setting the chess pieces
    Good glanced over Her shoulder. Then certain of Evil preoccupied
    She waved Her hand. A million worlds came into being. Stars shone,
    fires flickered. Her gaze fell upon Earth with sheer delight.
    Good triumphed in Her victory whilst Evil cowered in his defeat.

  68. Hiya. Just had a story rejected due to its adult content and am feeling a bit prickly at the moment. There are shockingly few places to submit adult faerie tales these days. Or, at least it seems to me. Thanks for keeping it real (and interesting). If you’d like to take a look at the story drop me an email. It’s called the Clearing and is very much a traditional faery tale (where everything happens in threes) with a contemporary narrative structure. Oh, and beware! There are nipples ๐Ÿ™‚

  69. Nice post. I was verifying consistently this blog using this program . amazed! Extremely helpful data specially the last segment ๐Ÿ™‚ I deal with such information a lot. I had been looking for this type of data for any pretty very long occasion. Thanks and finest associated with good fortune.

    • Hi Robin!
      Now that I am back in civilization, I will be checking this blog. If you want to be on the front page, leave a submission in the comments. If you want to just share it, post it on My Page. If it faery tale oriented, it may suit this blog nicely. Thank you!

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